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Off-Site Monitoring

Our business consists of off-site monitoring and crime combat and reducing your security costs.

By utilising revolutionary Videofied® technology, Guardsafe provides a completely wireless and battery operated security system with very few false alarms, combat mode and high apprehension.


  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • It is the most Awarded Alarm System in the world
  • Videofied can be added to any current alarm system
  • Combine indoor and outdoor systems
  • Day and night video verification
  • You don’t get disturbed by false alarms
  • We will alert you, send response team and alert SAPS if real criminal activity is occurring
  • Our officers are prepared for what is happening at your premises
  • The video footage is retained on file as part of your alarm history
  • Our control room can email you the footage of what set your alarm off

Immediate confirmation gives the client peace of mind, as we will only get the client, response team and the police involved on a positive.

We can also alert authorities, respond effectively as we have the footage to show exactly what we are facing.

The footage can thereafter serve as evidence and may lead to a conviction.

Knowing this is a genuine break in we can act appropriately and dispatch more than one vehicle.

It allows us a better chance of catching criminals in the act as we do not have to wait for security officers to investigate first.

Reaction time to a positive incident is reduced to seconds rather than minutes.


  1. Intruder enters the area.
  2. Motion viewer senses the motion and turns on the video stream.
  3. The video stream records a 10 second clip.
  4. The motion viewer transmits the video clip by cell signal to the Internet.
  5. The Internet sends the video clip to our Central Station.
  6. Our Central Station operators verify that the clip shows a legitimate intrusion (for example, a person in the clip, not a cat).
  7. Central Station reports this verified intrusion to the proper authorities with law enforcement.
  8. Law enforcement dispatches immediately because the call is verified
  9. Law enforcement arrives on site on average 7 minutes after the first clip is verified (as opposed to roughly 40+ minutes for unverified calls)
  10. Law enforcement apprehends the intruder.

It is a video verification system. Our monitoring centre only receives a 10 second video clip when human movement is detected and initiates quick and focused reaction.

How We Do It


When an alarm is activated a 10 second video clip is transmitted to our monitoring centre for instant review.

Control Centre

Our intervention specialists can remotely review the video to determine for any illegal human intrusion on the premises.

Combat Mode

On confirmation of a crime in progress, our control room immediately initiates environment specific crime prevention technologies.

Response Unit

The nearest armed response and local SAPS are contacted to respond to the scene.

Stay Alert

This is not a CCTV system, our control centre is manned
24/7 by highly skilled specialists
Our verification system leads to higher arrest rates and a

much lower rate of property loss and false alarms

Immediate Detect Priority Response


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